Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sex, Rain and the City.

Rain rain go away, come back, go away, come back. Stay. Leave. I don't know. You decide.

One reason why I hate the monsoon: Even lil bit of it disrupts the days schedule and locks me inside. And then I can only sit and stare at people roaming around on the other side of the window. No i'm not allergic to rain water. Just like that.

Gloom. Lot of 'thinking' enters the scene. Not good for your health. The more you think, the more you...ummm think? I not like.

This all hot coffee or tea, book in hand, or walking barefoot in the rain has never happened in my life okay?

I wonder if people who talk of such things actually do them or simply speak of them cause it sounds very monsoon-cool-ish?

Monsoon only reminds me of clammy local trains and slippers that I can't wear.

I was born during the monsoon. And it only reminds me of the shoe-shopping I did on the 12th of every June (a day prior to the first day of school.)

I had a nightmare on the very first day of monsoon this year. WOW.


Odd people exist everywhere. This guy (whom i'd rather not name) who reads my blog and has randomly spoken to me a couple of times comes up to me on Gmail and the rest follows:

Him: Hey Shreya...der?
Me: Yes.
Him: Do you want to see me on webcam?
Me: No.
Him: I can put up a show for you.
Me: No thanks.
Him: Show you anything you want.
Me: No.

Gmail to Me: You have blocked 'him' and will not receive any further chats.

I know he is reading this. And so.

I mean really? What has the world become? Like reeeeeeeeeeeally? Boy, wrong girl.

I just want to write. And type my mind out. Doesn't matter if there is no-one to read it...Like, you sometimes wish for a person to only sit still and hear you out?

16 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

oRange* said...

Clammy local trains!
You said it lady!
I was so scared. I bunked yesterday and today! :|

Ew. How are such losers aliveeeee? Boo.

Koo said...

HAHA, the first line is soo cute :D

I love monsoon though, wish it would come to delhi soon!

Okaaay, creepy guy :s

Shreya said...

@oRange... Don't intend to scare you, but local trains are ewwwwww in the monsoon. i close my eyes when i get into one :s

Losers are alive cause they'r too ewww to be killed :O

@Koo, Bombay monsoon is just a bit crack in the head. rains potatoes and tomatoes when it does rain :/

quartertoinsane said...

u guys lucky... u get da monsoon rain, here all we get are false reports of cyclones :'(

and walking barefoot is a good experience, i tried it...

...Jitsy... said...

wich coll in bombay do u go to anyways?

...Jitsy... said...

i ttly agree wid u....iv even posted a fb status today wich reads "rain rain go away...ur pissing me off today"
i hate rains....n all those moonsoon-cool-ish stuff...lets jus leave it for movies...no1 does dis...n anyone who does is jus a big wannabe..:D

Shreya said...

@quatertoinsane, it's like the grass is always greener on the other side :)

PS: i looooooooove your name! quarter to insane :)

@jitsy... totally true !

Xaviers :)


Anonymous said...

"This all hot coffee or tea, book in hand, or walking barefoot in the rain has never happened in my life okay?"

Done it. N well, when ur doin' all those things you don't think about bein' cool-ish n stuff. U jus do it 'cuz its fun :P

Abhishek said...

I keep telling people from Bombay, chuck the cars buy a damn boat , atleast you can move around.

I hate the rain too. The Muck, The traffic Jams, The Car breaking down, the flooded roads and the cliche chai pakora idiots.

I honestly believe its a piss off , unless it rains late at night when you're asleep . Even though its 44 degrees in Delhi , Id much rather do with the burning sun than deal with the muck and the power cuts.


Shreya said...

@shaiz...may be may be not :P

@abhishek... yes. all awesome people hate monsoon :D

Okay the boat thing is just a bit overboard, but yes, it sounds interesting. a friend of mine does come to college in a ferry but :D really!

Rishi said...

even I can Show you anything you want

but only via google search...

don't get any wrong reasons lady... mein bahot sharif types ka ladka dhikta hu...

...Jitsy... said...

i go to kc.....i'm jealous...i always wanted to be a xavierite....:(

Anty said...

We're wishing for some schedule searing rain up in the north.

And o.0

Shreya said...

@rishi ... hahahhaahha you cracked me up with that one :D you really did!!!

@jitsy...awww its okay :) REALLY did happen. i would make something up for a blogpost now :/ odd people do that for me!

Mr Happy said...

monsson is fun at the same time has ugly face.....

that guy got sum weird guts

et said...

But.. but rain is the only thing that makes my journey to college any less from boring. Even when I have huge textbooks in one hand and an uncontrollable umbrella in the other..