Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tonight I shall colour the moon bright. Neon Pink.

The mother: But you are a girl. You are 18. You must wear contacts and you must comb your hair and you must dress up to look pretty! You don't have to work! Why don't you go out with friends? What is wrong with you?

Daughter: But that is just not me.

The mother: You are not Jack Sparrow.

Daughter: He is a guy.

Mother: Exactly.

I don't know. Not that I am a boy-girl who will start dribbling ball when let out of the cage. I'm not that cool. but I don't know, I'm not 'the' girl you'd want. Okay, I don't intend to prove anything, but I don't know. Listen to me and forget about this. I tend to simply talk. It is very very okay. Don't panic.

And, the girl in the picture is just odd. I mean somebody go tell her she isn't a cat you know, to sit perched up at the window like that :/

I need a robot. Who is an amazing singer. WHAT? I just typed 'singer' out? What the fuck. I meant listener. And an amazing cook. Cause I realized I have so much to talk about! And I don't even have a best friend. Best friends are too clingy. I had one. And then I forgot her birthday.

Being a leaf or a twig must be what joy means. You don't even have homework to do! And one day when you fall, you won't even scrape your knee. You'll simply lie there...not a soul will bother you.

12 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

...Jitsy... said...

iv tagged you in one of my posts...
do check,...

oRange* said...

'And I don't even have a best friend. Best friends are too clingy. I had one. And then I forgot her birthday.'

And yes, that picture. Weird. Someone whisper that into her ears.

Oooh about being a twig sounds familiar. When I was tiny, whenever I would have a bad day ..I would wish I could turn into a plant :|
The silliness, I tells you!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

u can be whatever u wish to be:-) thats what my dad always told me..that girl in pic seems be relishing her freedom before she jumps..

Sugar Magnolia said...

Arrey arrey, another vaguely androgynous teenager. =) *secret handshake*

The (un)Common Woman said...

Neon pink eh? HOT! :D

Anty said...

You forget her birthday? That isn't so bad, is it?

uglyduckling91 said...


Shreya said...

@suger, honey, HI :D *head shake* no idea what a head shake is, but who cares :D come back here!

@uglyduckling....ummmm.....that means my mom doesn't think am hot :|

@oRange....HELL YES to every bit of it :D

@jitsy...oh thanks a lot for the tagg, but i don't do them anymore :)

@bollywoodD, :)

@Uncommon woman, HOT it is :D

@Anty, girls you know, make a big deal out of everything :)

Darshan Chande said...

Gal, I am IMPRESSED by the blog's layout. The pics. Brightness. The ATTITUDE. And yes, your vibrant writing style!

That line about the best friend was super!

And the ending paragraph! Lovved it. I am in.

Shreya said...

heh :D thanks for all them lovely comments :)

et said...

I just looked at the pic and I had the 1st impression that it was you! Weird. May be that's how good I perceived you from your tiny profile pics *_*

If you didn't quote the ending lines from anywhere, no adoption/adaption whatsoever, then its the most beautifullest thing I've read this week (:

Shreya said...

hhahaha its not me in the pic :)

AND, i came up with those lines myself :)