Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello! Who do I think I am? Awesomeness in Red.

Sorry. I am going to act Monsoon-ish every now and then! I am in love with my red umbrella. I want to have it on my head all the time. It is beeeeeeeeeeg and it is real red! And so, the other day, correction, on the other very blah day, it was drizzling and I was leaving work and I decided to open up the lovely red umbrella. A couple of minutes later, it stopped drizzling. I noticed. But the show off that I am, I chose to have the red thing hover above my head. Now you are bound to get odd looks if you have beeeeeeeeeeeg huge red bright umbrella's open when it is not raining.

But I disagree.

Umbrellas can multitask. They can protect you from shooting stars and garbage being thrown from windows. They can protect you from streetlights that might just decide to fall on your head. What if the sky decides to fall?

AND, they protect you from ill mannered birds who poop and pee at any odd time. Birds these days really are quite ill mannered. I don't like them.

AND, umbrellas can make you look real pretty! Bright coloured ones.

And, red ones just prove your awesomeness.


I realized that a LOT of people are extremely mean to me.
So, I have decided that everysinglebody who is mean to me will get married to a tree. Remember. Think twice. And I'm going around announcing this. Then don't say I din't warn you.

PS: I need a haircut. It has been over a (embarrassed) year since my last. Usually, I like cutting my own hair. Cause I never owned barbie dolls.


14 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Anty said...

I have a beeeeeeg red umbrella too. It's in my bag the whole year round. Sometimes I open it just because it feels like true love. :)

Shreya said...

awwww :)

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I have a better idea for people who are mean to you..We should dress them up in Amrita Rao/Mughda Godse' clothes..*shudder*, gives me nightmares..

Manasi Parikh said...

i like your blog :)

Moonie said...

this friend of mine cuts her own hair. and she dyes it herself too. with kool aid and bleach. i find that very cool.

Darshan Chande said...

Agree upon your use of umbrella. Hehe... Great sense of humor all through the blog. :) :D

The (un)Common Woman said...

I used to hate red once but now it attracts me. :) Red umbrella sounds good!

Shreya said...

@Bollywooddairies...hahahhahaha coming from you, i am not surprised a bit :D

@mansi, and i like yours :)

@moonie, wow. i only cut :)

@Darshan heh :D thanks mate!

@uncommon is prolly the best colour you could you use in terms of accessories! livens dead things up!

Parinita said...

Shreeeeeya I know I've told you before but this post is so awesome that I have to tell you again. Future (brilliantly successful) children's book author you are!

sp.ajay said...

if the sky decide to fall, ur umbrella will be of no use. though for all the rest it will be useful!

hope ur umbrella comes to use on a day u forget to carry it! :P

nil said...

oRange*!! that was so cutely random and awwwwww!

hahaha babe you're super pretty, the beeeeeg umbrella just adds a cherry on top, I'm sure! ;)


K-ay said...

item item item! I'll cut your hair! What am i sitting here for !
*grins like a mad woman*

Aman Rayjada said...

Hey shreya!!

Now I really couldn't stop myself from commenting on this.


priyanka said...

hey i like ur blog...i wntd to knw one mite b lame bt...wht made u gt ur blog name as such a cow?srry i ws curious to knw!