Sunday, June 27, 2010

I ask for the rainbow in summer, he gives it to me in the monsoon

There is magic. And then there is no-magic.

Your train can either be on track with you sucking in the wind at the window, or it could derail with you sucking in every bit of 'thrill', screaming in horror.

There is food. And then there is weight. Only blessed people like me can enjoy one without being afraid of the other.

There are pools for you to swim in, there also are people who pee in there.


You are allowed to dream. But then there are dreams that are your personal favorites. And these dreams may not come true. Are you strong enough?

Kites are light and are meant to fly. They are light and they tear and could get electrocuted.

The point is: That guy up there, he gives you and he takes something back. It is only a matter of 'Happy Realization Day' striking you.

I'm in a very generous mood. Yesterday, I sat for hours in college and rationalized things and people with another friend. Basically, twisted and turned things to come to the conclusion that I am awesome.

I think it is very okay.

And then I came back home and watched 'I am legend'.

9 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Darshan Chande said...

...twisted and turned things to come to the conclusion that I am awesome. Hey you probably are :P :)

Another AWESOME post!

quartertoinsane said...

u r da 1st person confessing to twisting and turning things... O.o... guess that makes you awesome in real...

Shreya said...

hahaha maybe :D

Ubaid said...

Yet another awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee post :)

sulagna ™ said...

ohh damn!! whats with i am one point of time in life when i though love is illusion i used to watch i am legend...and now you ahve sucha glamouroussss mood and come home to watch i am legend..yeh will smith na!! shaitaan kahi ka :)

Shreya said...

@ubaid...thank you :)

@sulagna ... hhahaha in my case 'i am legend' happened randomly! Like it was there on my system and i woke up and decided to watch it :D

Shreya said...

@sulagna, PS: it din't make much sense to me :/

Rishi said...

rationalized things and people with another friend

a blog post topic... :D

Shreya said...

why? were you expecting me to discuss quantum physics over here? :P