Saturday, May 22, 2010

If you are a geek, you and me can paint the sky purple.

I am in a mood to talk to a robot who won't talk back. Just listen. But I'm too poor and can't afford one. And so I shall talk to you. No, you can't close the tab yet.

Now, there is this certain somebody who has been annoying me for quite some time now. I only wish to punch the certain somebody in the face. Twice. Thrice. I'm not violent at all. But, this time, it's just gotten a bit too much for the saint in me. And the last thing I need is for the certain somebody to read this and ask me 'who were you talking about?'

Anyway :D We'll lock annoying people in the bathroom.

Okay, so, today I am in a mood for some gyaan distribution. Knowledge my friend knowledge! So, remember, if you look geeky, and if you'v cried and cried and cried over it, at night, in the morning, while hunting for food in the kitchen, or gazing at the hot girl / guy from behind pillars or whatever, dont. Because, I came to a sudden realization that your geeky looks keep shallow people at bay :) REALLY! People who are shady and don't think from above their *clears throat* waist? will either think you sleep with your books or you are just plain 'boring'. but people who are good boys / girls straight out of a Yash Raj flick will look into the deeper you :) So, that ways you'r safe and protected from these 'hawt hawt' boys / girls who are sheer glitter no gold!

Now think over it and talk your traumatic experiences out, that is if you look like a geek.

My research allows me to talk a lot more, but remember, I'm a bit annoyed today?


I too want to do a post talking about my awesomesex like summer. Everyone is doing one and I am a copy cat and want to do the same. But, my summer is not over yet. So, we'll wait.

PS: I'm a sucker for 'the geek' :D

Anyway, you have no clue how much I love that picture!

Can we leave? Leave this town behind? Move to another place? Run down the streets looking out for people from the old town? Miss the flavor, the smell, the feel of the old town to bits? And move back in? Moving on and away makes things a lot more easier.

9 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Crazy Diamond said...

i liked the gyaaan , its correct, being geeky keeps u safe from those shallow ones

freelancer said...

its pyaar impossible all over again.
but hey even hotties can think above the waist :)

Parinita said...

Locking annoying people in the bathroom may be the awesomest idea I've ever heard. I don't have annoying people in my office though (heh instead of office I wrote bathroom). I have entertaining people who break their phones and talk about Blackberries and people who talk about their unhappening love life v v loudly. And because your gyaan was so awesome, I won't make fun of d muzic playing.

et said...

People of my school and college very often take me for a geek.
But no worries, it does keep the bad people aways!
ps: I loved the picture <3

uglyduckling91 said...

Isn't this awesome?! :D

Ann Dee said...

18 year and with that good gunpowder...cudnt resist getting you your 6th candy :)

Well, my kind of men are the hard nuts to crack...geeks/non-geeks. Nevertheless, loved you post. Will keep coming by with candies.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

hmm, never been mistaken for a geek but was also never bothered by the shallow people:-) but i have a soft spot of all geeks since they are the ones who go on to become millionaires:-) look at sergey bin. larry page:-)

Stupidosaur said...

Is that pic you? No, right? But sure does resemble your profile pic. Well chosen!

And if at all you are geek, you are a very cut geek. Now don't crib :P

Wait, you weren't cribbing anyways...I think.

Darshan Chande said...

Good gyaan, baby! I am lovin' every post of yours! You're just 18, and you write like... I-don't-know what! But I'm feelin' great reading your posts! :) :)