Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coming out of the closet.

Deep blue skies I'v never seen. Blood red lips are never keen. A single stab can kill your spleen. A garden with grass so green is a sight which is very mean.

Did you know rhyming was a crime? I din't. Until my editor almost climbed across her desk and threatened to choke me.

I'v always lived in the company of unintelligent, but smart, people and hence.

Y'know my love for lame stuff right? So this is what I used to scribble on the last pages of my book. Judge me. GO.

Look Look Look,
Don't steal my book.
Stealing is a shame,
Shreya is my name!

-phew- I feel so relieved after coming out of the closet about my super super super childhood lameness!

I was a very lame kid actually. Not that much has changed, but I used to make up such stupid stories! Oh once, I even told my kiddie-friends that both my parents were hawaldars (policemen who run around with sticks. Pot bellied ones?). Just so that they'd be scared of me and not bully me. Think about it. It was pretty much a smart move, but why hawaldars ?!?!! Like couldn't I have said 'commissioner' instead? Anywhichways I was lying. Sigh.

Oh and once, I told my babysitter that we drink cat's blood in our family :)

I exude lameness sometimes. And when the imagination runs wild, like a mad cow, my company is like rain in the hot hot hot summer. I'm that good!

oh you know, talking about my traumatic childhood, I was once caught cheating during a drawing exam :O Like imagine how embarrassed I must have been. I mean you don't find people who cheat in their drawing exams :/

13 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Anty said...

If it's any comfort, people have been caught cheating in papers easier than the drawing ones.

True Story: A classmate was copying the 'personal information' part offa his neighbour's because he was too lazy to ask his mum their address.

K-ay said...

hahaha you can't hear me laughing, but you should know I'm laughing like an idiot!
if I tell you my stories, ditto-ness will happen :P
But I'll save them for our little station walk.
As for copying in an art exam, my gawd, you should be bloody proud of yourself ;D

uglyduckling91 said...

NELLY RHYMED HERE TOO! Coincidence? *rubs chin*
People who don't understand lameness are lame.
You, on the other hand, are awesome.

An1rudh.B said...

'Oh and once, I told my babysitter that we drink cat's blood in our family :)'

Bhatt aunty? I SO feel like asking her about it. :D

sulagna ™ said...

you actually told your babysitter that??? wicked wicked you ...

RepublicOfChic said...

Here I thought this was your big 'coming out'! But I can be a big support to your super lameness too ;)

Vintage Obsession said...

haha so your so not a cat person ( you go around drinking its blood n all )I love doing lame stuff like this, cheap thrills i say :)
Copying a drawing !! bloody awesome i say :)

et said...

Oh oh. Right now I want to write a post about the many childhood craziness!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

First time I heard someone cheating in their drawing exams!! u go girl!!

Ubaid said...

Nice blog :)

Sameera said...

Hah ha ha ROFL!!!!!!

This reminds me of so many things I can talk about my childhood... I was a nightmare for everyone. Will let you know when I post something on that!

PS: Drawing exam!!!! LOL!

Parinita said...

I understand your truama of cheating on your drawing exam. I cheated on my needlework exam. We had needlework! I used to always show my teacher my partner's knitting and crocheted crap because I was so terrible at them. And I made my mom knit and crochet too.

patheticpari said...

i know a shitload of people who cheated during their drawing exams... i know people who do it right now in design schools as well... but... most no one gets caught cheating at the school level...