Monday, May 17, 2010

All I can see is just another lemon tree.

I was wondering the other day. I want to start a fashion blog too! Everybody has one. Even i want one! Only, my hot fashion blog will feature 'what not to wear' and it'll be called 'don't be a cow'! And trust me, people really need help sometimes. But then, my mother hates mean people. And i'd have to be super mean. Like walk up to these unaware victims of fashion disasters and smile brightly and go like omg-i-loooove-what-you'r-wearing-can-i-have-a-picture? And then they'll agree. and then I'll post it and then we'll all poke and poke and poke fun at them. Much mean-ness it'd be. And my god-fearing mother will finally be convinced that the evil forces reside in her daughter's head. So, i gave up on the idea. We, me you my hot blog and these letters, are a happy family.

Afterthought: But, if you guys know of something horrendous, atrocious, obnoxious, terrible, worth a scream, garish (insert other such adjectives) you wore, today yesterday or once upon a time, and want the whole world to know, go ahead, email pictures to me :) I'll put them up. It's good to be funny and spread laughter.

A tiny little update on the rectangle faced baby. Guess what's the first word she spoke? CAT. Can you believe that!? I knew it. I just knew it. To anybody / everybody / anything / everything, she says cat. Cat cat cat cat cat cat. Remember her and the kitten? I always knew something was fishy. No, i always knew something was catty :D

It'll be so cool when she's all big and smart and can read and she'll see my blog in the papers (I'll be famous no by then!!) and be so proud that she was featured in here! We'll throw a party.

Anyway, enough of peeping into my life. We to-be-celebrities need privacy. Go now.

I don't want to know. I don't wish to tell. I couldn't care less. I couldn't make it more obvious. You'll drown in your own glory one day. I'll only wait and watch. A silly grin plastered on my face.

13 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Weirdo guy said...

i know where you got the title from .. love the song !!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

I think its a great idea of doing a 'what not to wear' blog..we all need more fun in our lives:-)

Shreya said...

BollywoodD, i might just be sued you know :P

Weirdo, yesssss! Lemon tree - fool's garden :)

BoogieMonsterMan said...

You're such a cutie.

Kellie said...

I love this idea!

Shahid said...

Arite future superstars...rock in peace!!!!...and well I got a hell lot of pics of fashion if u still up for it...I can send u the pics!!!


et said...

Just reading the title got me all nostalgic about that song which I havn't heard for ages!
(Goes to music folders, searches the song, and puts it on play)

Okay, so you know, you WILL be famous one day. You sure will be. 101.
(And when you become so, in all the internet interviews, point to this comment and say "That's what he said!")

:rainbow (you'll see the rainbow wen u put the smileys back) :D

s3ayA said...

gr8 idea... n i was wondering I could steal those last lines.. the little verses at the end... plz let me steal dem...

patheticpari said...

proper design student who lives in the company of actual fashion designers (and hence, fashion critics) in training speaking here....
you don't necessarily need to be mean to write a fashion blog.. or even a what not to wear blog.. and i don't mean that in the "you don't really need to do anything to do anything sense" because the point of contention that could just come up here is that being meaner, will just make it better.. but that's really not necessary.. it's absolutely cool... and in fact, could be insanely better to do a fashion blog.. that just isn't all that mean... but just.. let's say... cold in the politest of ways

Koo said...

:D I love the way you write, so entertaining :D
That blog idea was fab! Oh i wish you'd actually do it! Fun hoga. But anyway, it IS mean, very mean. :\

K-ay said...

Ehhhh! I want to volunteer to help.
Rajus and buntys are plenty!
And celebrities?! Eeeeeeee!
I know right :D

Parinita said...

Staaaaaaaaaart that blog. Nownownow! I will follow it like a stalker and I will be a marketing whore and share it with everyone on FB.

And rectangle face baby is my new favourite term.

Miss Jeanett said...

Haha sounds fun with that blog. You should do it!

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