Monday, January 18, 2010

Wyanet, you'r the best ^.^

My bestestestestest faaaavvv friend made me this bag and its soooo pwetty i can't stop ^____^ ing!!!
Basically she stitched it painted it and all that!! Pour Moi!! I feel e-special!!!
I laaaaaavies it and her bazixillion much!! I want her to be my boyfriend =( don't i have sexxxy friends??!!!!!! Wyanet Vaz, you'r the best!!!!!!!!

PS: note the brand name at the bottom ;) Means 'dear love' in french!! (ok if its grammatically incorrect, excuse us we suck at that lingo!!)

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

The Juggernaut said...


O_o loves the bag ! wud give any gal carrying this another look

The Juggernaut said...

=P the bag =O its awesum...sumwat like tantra shirts :P

Lavender said...

oh forrrrrrrrkkk
It is the awesomeness
U know I've been getting bags stitched too for my line
you should make us meet so we can start a bag shop together!

P.S. Do tell I thought it looks awesome :)

Lackadaisical Lullaby said...

Get over her already.

Lackadaisical Lullaby said...

You are suuch a beetch sometimes, you know?
I mean you didn't upload my Clarke. x[

*Shreya* said...

@juggernaut...oh yea she prolly picked up the design from tantra ony!!! nice it is no???!!!!

@lavender...omg reaaaaly???? she'll be more than happy!!! you got NO idea how superubercollsexxxxxxxxxxxxxy she is...the stuff she makes, makes me go BLANK!!! i really will tell her this!!! omg you have to meet her then!!!!!
you'r line????? i need freebies then okay? :P know i can NEVER get over buna and her stuff *_*
and yeah...err clarke's slipped outta my mind =( sowwie!!!!

Lavender said...

Freebies for Itam ladiez? vary Vary Happily :)
Ok but arrange for this sooooon
I want to see all her awesome stuff :)

*Shreya* said...

correction: ladieeJ :P

and you know what she's going to be coming for Blitzkrieg!!!! FA event if am not wrong!!! will talk to her and get back :)

Daone said...

*shaking head* Girls...

Anonymous said...

woa nicee

oRange* said...

and i loved the brand name too!

tell me when you guys open a bag shop! i'll be your loyal customer :D