Monday, November 23, 2009

MYB Please.

Depressing day.

I'm in the train, my grandmomsy decides to call me up first thing in the morning to wish me luck for my exams and after all the wishing and lying about how much you'v studied and stuff, i conclude the phone call with these 'i looooooove you', 'i misssss you' and 'muuuuuahs' (to my grandmom cause well that is pretty normal between me and her and i love to do so cause i loooove her!!!) The moment i keep the phone down, these weird faced aunties in the train stare at me until i stare back at them and then they start discussing, out loud, about how ill mannered the generation today has become and that they have no calms in being soooo vocal about their 'love' for some other person and that they basically shameless. Well my brain took a few minutes to figure out the scene, soon i realized it was ME they were talking about. And, they obviously thought i was talking to my 'boifriend' (pay attention to the pronunciation...BOIfriend.) I wanted to scream, "these middle aged aunties have no business in life no, eavesdrop on other people's conversations. they have become so manner less and shameless." sad i din't have anyone around me to share my views with. Out loud. Depressing day. Sense and sensibility are on sale.

PS: MYB means Mind Your Business FYI =P

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Kaka said...

now u understand why ekta kapoor's serials work???? m not suprised....atleast u showed sense in not picking a fight with them...:)

Rahil said...

beware everyone...generation next is coming..!! No more aunty talks and no more uncle staring :P

though now more bigger problems are being emerging.. :'(

Rahil said...

And btw i love your music collection, planning to add the same to my blog soon..

Weirdo guy said...

'MYB' ?? bwahaha.. That is SOO gonna be a part of my vocabulary from now !

P.S next time try sticking your tongue out at 'em nose pokers !

Ramit said...

If I were you, I would just do more muah's with a lot of noise just to irritate them more!

Try it.

It's fun!

Good luck for the exam.

*Shreya* said...

@weirdo guy
Arre just make up your own short forms nah!! atleast that's what i do, rather have done :D

@Kaka, rahil, ramit...thanks for stopping by :)

Shahid Mukadam said...

I guess everyone from our age have come across this...anyways..lets hope when we grow old we understand the generation

Ramit said...

Thank you Shreya. If I talk too much & bore you, feel free to shut me up & kick me out :-)

Sameera said...

LOL!! It happens everytime...everywhere.. more with aunties who have seen you as kids...!
Oh.. yesterday I saw you with a guy.. at times I am tempted to ask.. what were we doing.. kissing.. hugging.. touching.. no.. we were walking together talking..about what.. "lectures" SO..? Now.. you have a problem with that haan..?
Seriously can they Mind their own business!

Daone said...

Tell me about it! The bloody self appointed moral police is such a pain. I remember one such embarrassing incident- around 7 pm I was sitting with a female friend outside garden. A field marshal comes up n says ,"No couples allowed." Can't a guy and girl be friends? Besides we had like 2 feet distance between each other! Same day at night, 10 pm, I am sitting with my guy friends. Same marshal comes up n says "Not allowed here. Go somewhere else." We are just sitting, hello?!
Did he take me to be a bi?!

Lavender said...

MYb haha Nice term
dude I swear these aunties have no other business then glaring at you and judge every word you utter.
Well don't let them get to you.
Listen to music or something.

P.S. i really like your Blog.

P.P.S Thanks for visiting :)