Friday, September 30, 2011

The stars don't mingle with us.

Courtesy: Rochelle: 

I hit the lowies after a horrible exam today and decided to go shopping to hit the highies. Ended up shopping for marker pens so I could study my answers better. Turning into a stationary freak nerd feels mindblowingly sexy, okay? Okay.

I rarely undo. What is done, is done. You don't undo in life, man. You just don't.

Those stars look so retarded.

I have been spending over 8 hours at the college library every single day and I come home feeling raped. ;(

I found a dead starfish in my bag today. Held it in my hand and it turned to powder. Like one of those magical things that happen in magic movies? Only, it felt so much more gross. EEWW. Whatever happens in movies must stay in movies only. Fucking gross. Dead babies seem so much cooler now.

My Mum's question was, what was a starfish, a dead starfish, doing in my bag anyway? :|

Hadn't emptied that bag since my trip in May. Hopeless.

3 more months to go before we get done with the year. Sad / happy / dead already / I'm busy eating cookies and I don't care?

I loveth my short hair more than I love my pet dinosaur. ^.^

I'm writing you a bye-bye note and sealing it with a sloppy kiss. Because I like it disgusting. Heehee.

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Maryam A. said...

Those stars DO look retarded. -.-

quartertoinsane said...

why a starfish?

Anonymous said...

Those stars seemed sorta cute until you pointed out that they look retarded. :D

Karishma said...

You like it disgusting, eh?
okay I'm too sleepeh to come up with a comeback.
*Sloppeh kiss for y-eeewwww too*

Manali said...

I love your short hair too. Wish i could carry it off :D

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Auosum pic up there!
I have my exams from next week.. sadness is already coming to me.
And yes, 2012 in 3 months! I cant wait for the world to end.

The Atom said...

damn! you make me feeling like cutting my hair again! i like them short too!! but i wanted to try and see how long they will grown!! every time i want to someone like you comes along n crushed my resolve like that poor lil starfish!

Ve said...

Im back here after ages, and its good to see ur still as retarded as ever!! Keep up the insanity!! :) and a belated Happy Birthday btw!!

Shreya. said...

@Maryam, they do, right?

@Quartertoinsane, JUST!

@Nothingintellectual, :P


@Manali, everyone can carry that off. Give it a shot. :)

@TheBlueP, Yo, all the best! The world is *not* ending. They won't let us go this soon. :/

@Theatom, Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude short hair is sexeh hair. :D

@Ve, YOU YOU YOU! here after what, 50 years? o.O



Issac@Best Humor Blog said...

i love your short hair