Saturday, March 26, 2011

The rolling vagabond.

I inaugurated my summer break at a beach. Because I am cool like that and I'm allowed to be like that. Three of us randomly packed ourselves off to a beach around Alibaug and the rest is now a part of my history. We had almost a 6 km long beach all to only the three of us-selves. No kidding. Beaches are not over rated. :)

A couple of pictures from there. Be jealous.

This guy, I wanted to help him bag a role in the movies. With all that filmy horse riding on the empty beach and all.

This one is a personal favourite. The prints on the left belong to Cow. I walk like such a duck. :[

See, see! Not a soul apart from us for miles.

And, the best bit was, it din't feel summer-ish at all. Anyway, you know, they say that the sea pulls you towards it? It's very true, very. Now I want to pack my bags and jiggy off to Gokarn. Anybody been there? My maternal native it is. I can not wait to get there. :(

Do you loveth the cow and her camera? Show me love, sponsor my trip. :|

16 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

quartertoinsane said...

nice pics... n howd u get a beach all so lonely, its never empty here...

Ananya said...

I wanna go to Alibaug. Always wanted to, never could.
My best friend went there last month.
Now you.
Can't you people like, stop making me jealous?
Or at least gift me a camera?

Shreya said...

@quarter Arre, it's on of those 11-12 beaches around Alibaug nobody frequents. =P

@Ananya ... If you're from Bombay, you could join us sometime. :)

Richa said...

Ai, I love photography! The Cow beings good with her camera. I like that. :)

The Me. said...

OmG. Those are AMAZING pictures =\ . Imma die =[ .
And summer break already? Me have my spring break in a few days.
Man that beach is pretty =[ . LUCKY YOU!

Ananya said...

Hyderabad :'(

Shreya said...

@Richa .. Thanks. =D

@Ananya OH NOES! :(

@The Me Long time, eh? :D Are you FINALLY done writing those exams? :D

The Blue Periwinkle said...


I wasting my vacation. Just getting fried at home.

Shreya said...

GET OUT and unwaste your time, woman. :O

Me-Era* said...

Good clicks. :)

Ve said...

damn cool!! sounds like ur really living it up!! :)

Shreya said...

@Me-era Hey! Thanks. :)

@Ve ... wheeeeeeeee! I am, I am. :D

Meenah said...

Oh my. O.O WHERE do you live? And your photography is awesome!!! <3

Shreya said...

Bombay. :D


JD said...

Awesome pictures, Wastey. Also, can I tag along on your next trip?

Shreya said...

Obfuckingviously. =D