Thursday, March 17, 2011

I refuse to wake up.

You know how people like being busy only because it sounds all important? I used to be one of them. Then, I got busy for real and I don't like the sound or smell or sight of busy anymore. :|

I hate hate hate hate hate having to give back to back exams. I gave three of them in the last three days. All important subjects that are heavier than my tiny head. *sad face*

Then, I flopped on my bed and fell dead. Like a cat.

Today, while I was cramming up bits and pieces of Sociology into my brain an hour before my exam in the train, one aunty, overtly curious, kept popping her head into my notes. I did what any good helpful kid would do. Changed the angle of the book and made it easier for her to read. Pulled out my ear phones and head bobbed to music. Study, aunty, if that's what you want. I love nosy aunties. I can't wait to grow up to become one of them. ^.^

That picture up there, I clicked it. She's a friend. It was for a photography event. What say? The thought behind it was about tradition being a dying trend. Anybody wants to buy it? Hahaha I'm kidding. *nervous laughter*

Honestly, one more week and then I would have completed a whole month of not blogging. Seriously, you guys ought to learn to miss me and hit me with 'we miss you we will die if you dont blog' mails, man.

*frowns* Bye.

24 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Darshan Chande said...

After a long time!! Liked the pic. Good thought. Awesome translation! :)

Cyniqueen said...

You are soooooo funny, woman. I love how you write. Good luck with your exam

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Ah, Exams!!
Mine just got over yesterday!! :D

Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pic!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Love the pic and I think some traditions need to die or change with time:-)

patheticpari said...

Well, I swear to god, I was checking for updates every time I came online. And that wasn't all that often, but I checked every bloody time.

šмaгyaм said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo! I'd buy it ;)


Shreya said...

@Darshan Long time indeed! Thanks. :)

@Cyniqueen I aaaaaaaaam? D: *looks surprised*

@The Blue Periwinkle ... Oh shiat! Shut up. Mine gets done in a week. :X

@BSD ... Hmmm, but you know how much I loveth Indian ethnic stuff...and people no longer bloody value it!

@PatheticPari ... I trust you. :)

@Maryam ... I'll quote the amount? xP

patheticpari said...

Btw... you noticed the RECAP thing??
5, 20, 74, 112.... 4 years.... damn..

Shreya said...

AND, It's 2011 AND I'm done with 11 posts already.


Bechain said...

angel of the book? :P

Anonymous said...

loved the pic!

Anonymous said...

nice pic :)
n why r people who comment cows? o.O

Shreya said...

@Shaiz Because that's the way we roll in cow-land. B)

Vanshaj Kapur said...

Well about acting busy! Yes it does sound cool and shit, but having exams isn;t being busy. Not at all.
I felt the same way when i gave my ISC 12th "science" fucking exams, all i wanted to do was make films and go to design school.
It finally happened, i love what i do now. but i hate the fact that im always too busy to do anything. I cant enjoy a moment with friends without thinking of deadlines and shoots and crap. I fucking missed my own sisters bday cos of work i could even go back home before 12 to wish her.
So yea dont really crib now. Go fucking enjoy your school life man. I'd shoot myself to go back to school now.
Lovely picture though !! you're a BONG aren't you?

Shreya said...

Whoa thanks, mate. :)
Been long since someone left me such a long comment!
I get every bit of what you mean...been there, done that? Me too!
Acha, not a bong. Why would you think so?

Vanshaj Kapur said...

the Bong factor was i dunno, i found your blog off this other friend of mine who happens to be a bong. and the photographs were a little bong like. Never mind that. I'm back to blogging after a long time. Need a vent.
Been shooting like forever now im getting a little bored.

Ve said...

we miss you we will die if you dont blog!! :) If we bug you too much, you say we're stalking you.. if you give you space, you say we're ignoring you! Sheeesh!! ;)

Shreya said...

@Vanshaj :) Thanks for hanging around!

@Ve OMGGGGG You deserve a *hug*! Long fucking time! wheeeeee.

Ve said...

I do deserve one, dont I?? ;) would be nice if you didnt stay away for soooo long the next time!! monkey!!

Shreya said...

I'm going to hit you up on Gtalk one of these days. just you wait. :)

Karishma said...

Such a sex photo man! If you take such a picture of me, I wont let you turn into a nosy aunty.

P.S. Angle not angel. :)

Mystique said...

I do believe you're awesome. That's a brilliant photo.

And. Angle of book, not angel.

Shreya said...

@Kay AND @Pai ... thanks, you guys. *lokks ashamed* Angle, angle, angle!

RAHUL K said...

I love the way you write!
And the picture is oh-so-beautiful.