Sunday, January 2, 2011

Right here. Write now.

2. 1. 2011

No, I don't do 'end of the year posts'. For those, refer to other blogs.

If I told you I had the most amazing time bringing January in, you would write me off as 'yet another chap trying to show the world how cool life can be'. Because that's exactly what I'd think of people. So, I will not.

I'm not excited about this new year at all. Infact, in my head, I am a nervous wreck. The last year's been so awesome, I got a feeling this year is not going to match up. Even if it rains tickets to Australia.

I sound sad, no? But, I'm feeling very straighfaceish.

You hold expectations from people, I hold expectations from time. People fall in love with people, I fall in and out of love with time and things. People come and go, time stays. People fill up time, but time is the end result. People expect you to love them back, make love, lend money, time doesn't expect anything back. I make zero sense when in words, but in my head, these thoughts are making perfect sense. I'v been told I'm going to grow more indifferent and blah than I already am. God bless my people. *eyes scrunch up with glee*

I love people, I really do. It's just that there's this part in me that walks 5 steps ahead and recoils 10 steps back. All the time. Effortlessly. I don't know how when why.

You know, Blogspot's putting me off. But I'm trying to write it out. So, the little bit that does manage to reach you must not make you judge my mood. Okay? Okay.

I like being the clean child who's looking after people who'v smoked up or are drunk dead.

8 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

IcE MaiDeN said...

I like the time as opposed to people theory. does make a lot of sense.

Happy New Year anyway :)


bollywoodstylediaries said...


Happy New year to you too!!

uglyduckling91 said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR. It shall be awesome!
Screw people. :D

Freelancer said...

lol..whatever happens, make sure u make this year worthwhile :D

reading this blog after a long long long long time

LAN said...

hey.. the picture.. i so like it.. well clicked :)

J Jay. said...

cheer up!!! you never might turn out to be the best year ever of your life !!!! ;)

Ve said...

well... if you think about it.. going by your own logic, you have nothing to worry about!! 2011 will be just as great as 2010 for you.. cause it'll consist of 365 days/ 52 weeks/8759 hours/525,599 minutes/31,535,999 seconds.. and here's the clincher.. thats exactly how much time you had last year as well!!! :D

So focus on the time ahead of you.. and have a wonderful 2011 doing it!! :)

Goddess of Nonsense said...

Pfffffft. I want to see positivity. I promise you the year will be awesome.
Don't be so blah about it, please?