Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sleepy stars woke up with a jerk.

OHMYLORD, I am alive.

I had one fabulous week. I'v been meeting way too many people. More than what my brain's manual recommends, but, whattodo? All adorable people they were!

Then, today, one moment I am blissfully hopping and skipping around in the corridors of my college, wearing a super over sized tee shirt that had a life size caricature of a Baywatch type guy on it with the word 'hunk' tattooed across his biceps (Oh, not to tell the mother, but I shop from the men's section all the time.), the second moment I get a call and LO! I find out they wanted me to come for an interview :| I mean, an interview in those beggar like clothes with a jhola?

Yes, that picture up there. That same guy.

I went anyway. And the awesomesauce that I am, they asked me to join tomorrow onwards :D

So, tee or no tee, brains + awesomeness wins over beauty. Yes, yes, grapes are axetremely sour when you see your neighbor eating them.

But, I'm hunk-y like that. *chuckles*

So, basically, I am back to having a workplace. Which means, double bitching, triple fun, fourple urge to blog.

Also, even though I am no big fan of friends in general, I think mine are too good to be my friends. They email me their assignments just so that I can copycat it when I go past deadlines. They are awesome.


PS: Did you know that waking up to a nightmare leads to me having a fabsexulous day? Does that happen to you too?

7 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

eNiGmA said...

u knw wht u have that awsome hint of craziness in u .... n thats wht makes u so awsome :) n yes i definitely am happy for u !

Shreya said...

I hope it gets me somewhere :P

quartertoinsane said...

cant say whethr m happy 4 u or nt... too busy pretending to study....

bt yaaayyyy u gt da job 'cause ur awesomeness.... awesomeness rules!!!

Ananya said...

Super happy for you :D

Timoo said...

oh ! you shop from men's know what..ME TOO..!! =p

cant say anything bout yoooouur awsomeness, but the man on your shirt..hell yea !! he's awesome..

Dandelion said...

I had an awesum week too...but my reasons weren't as colourful!!!!
but inch pinch honey, i've written a same "such a fabulous time" waala post on my blog....=]

S said...

You are one hell of an your eccentricity ;) and awesomeness :P