Sunday, November 14, 2010

You drink, I write.

I could bitchslap Blogspot right now for eating up my post. Not once, but twice.

I’m very much annoyed by the amount of people who’r crowding my little den right now. I’m a princess like that. My precious little self hasn’t been trained to handle more than 2 people at a time.

When it comes to people, 0 > 1 > 50. Get it?

Anyway. I am struggling a bit with the writing bit of my life. It doesn’t seem to flow out naturally, the words. Like, what drinking does to a couple of you, or dance to the few others and music for the rest, writing does that to me. Helps.

I wish to wake up to an emptier house in a different country.

The eat sleep watch routine seems to have turned into this nagging husband I need to divorce right away.

I’m moving into a different zone? Yes, I am asking you. Because I can not answer for myself.

Amidst all of this, I’v taken up painting. I was *this* close to allowing myself to cut my own hair, then managed to convince myself out of it.

My thought process starts and ends before I can even allow myself to think. You know, that bizarre?

This break has been terrible till now. Smile.

I love my family. I really do. And, I really mean it. But, its almost like I’v never been this keen on moving out and staying on my own for a while.

Blame the people. I’m telling you, my system just stops working when it detects the presence of people raining all around me.

I am waiting for college to begin. Eagerly. I need new faces.

I’m not complaining. I’m only complaining. I am allowed to sound a little whiny at time, right?

Much love.

18 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

That's what I've been thinking too.Since the past few days..have been wanting to move out,real bad.

quartertoinsane said...

hw many people are there? and why would u move a different zone, isnt it nice and comfy?

sandhyaa said...

I love my family. I really do. And, I really mean it. But, its almost like I’v never been this keen on moving out and staying on my own for a while. >>>>> ditto !!!

Ananya said...

Same to same.

Shreya said...

@quartertoinsane 8. *dies*

@at all them pretty ladies, Sigh!

Ve said...

Awww.. well for what its worth, your inabilty to write this past week did leave a significant void in cyberspace! :)

Moving to a different zone? nah.. just need a change of scenery thats all. Nothing some chocolate cake cant fix, right? ;)

Shruti said...

I don't wanna sound saintly when I say this, "It's just a phase". Coz it actually is. If not now, then when? This is the best time to move out and be on your own.
I've been trying to that for a while now. Sad to say, still unsuccessful!
But I haven't lost hope yet. We can probably start a club which says 'dying to move out and be a free bird' ;-)
Well, you just about tried to cut your own hair, I've gone ahead done that, and felt better about myself! :D
Nagging husband metaphor was bang on.
The words just seem to flow when you write. Awesomeness indeed! :)

Shreya said...

@Ve ... long time! I need a change of scenery and my college starting back again will be just the right thing to happen! Wish me luck :(

@Shruti ... But you know, I'm only 19. In the middle of an academic year, with all my folks in town, moving out will sound odd :/

I'm too scared i'll screw it up...cutting my own hair. So i'm getting on done soon :]

Ve said...

Yeah very long time.. work has been insane!

All the best indeed!! Tho... they say you need to make your own luck.. so tell you what, incase things havent looked up by the time college starts, there'll be a Kahlua Souffle with a scoop of vanilla icecream booked in your name at Joss on the first day of college.. just go there whenever you get the time and ask them for it! My treat!! How does that sound? :)

Shreya said...

*narrows eyes*

You better be kidding or you must be kidding me :/ kidding little girls in the name of chocolate or ice cream aint no fun, mister.

*narrows eyes*

Ve said...

Ewww... You just made me out to be some sick paedo!! Gross!! Guess I shud have included the disclaimer that there were no expectations, strings attached or any other condition for the treat. Was intented to be just a gesture from one blog friend to another .. sort of as a small payback for the fun I have reading your blog! As my self preservatory instinct kicks in, in the interests of not being referred to as a perverted old man, from now on I think I'll just stick to the traditional "BEST OF LUCK" for all your future endeavours!!!

My sincere apologies for the toes stepped on, and boundaries inadvertently crossed!!

Shreya said...


Arre re! You got me wrong :( I was only saying, that *if* I do land up at Joss, I better find that Kahlua Souffle with a scoop of vanilla icecream there for me ... you better not be kidding about *that* :) else you'll be breaking a lil kids heart by promising her candy :'/ Like that. Get it? Adorable you are :)

Ve said...

LOL!!! Whew!! Glad to know *thats* all you meant! Tell you what.. as long as Im not gonna get stoned for feeding candy to babies :P, just tell me which day you're gonna be going.. *if* you go that is.. and there will definitely be a Kahlua Souffle with your name on it!!

Shreya said...

Yey! I will tell you a week well in advance :)

I'm shameless like that :P

Ve said...

yeah I've come to realize!! ;) Its cool.. we need some freaks like you around to balance society! :D

Shreya said...

*hides face*

Shruti said...

In that case, finish off college and then tralala.. fly away!!(Ha! Seems like, I'm trying to brainwash you into doing something extraordinary!! :P)
Anyway, cutting your own hair is definitely not the best thing to do. It's like inflicting torture on your pretty self as a result of some temporary depressing feelings, which shall only be regretted upon later!! Sounds stupid, ain't it? :D

P.S- The comment box happens to be almost as interesting as the blog itself! :-)

Shreya said...

Yes yes. My mummy is going to hate you :]
I'm getting it cut. Going to a salon. Phew.
It is interesting because I have people who bother coming back to check for what I have to say to them lovely souls :)