Saturday, April 10, 2010

There is a girl under your bed, waiting to crawl out at night.

I am simply perplexed! Ever since I'v started writing these really sad depressing things on my hot blog, the number of followers keeps increasing! I tell you, and trust me on it, people secretly like it when someone acts all depressed and sulky. You may be saying what-bullshit-is-she-saying to yourself right now, but, trust me, I know. Why?

Answer: I must confess. Whenever I see people happy, this tiny little annoying feeling crawls into my head. I start acting cranky. Judge me. I won't bother justifying my juvenile behavior. I just thought I'd confess to my sexxxy bunch of people. Does that make me the bad kid?

Oh wait, No I don't pray to god that the happy person's joy be butchered into tiny little bloody bits. I am not that wicked.

I have a story of my own to tell. I look for the endings first. Endings with colours and sunshine filled in them aren't endings. There lies a valley somewhere, a crack, a trench. Waiting for you, like a monster behind a bush. Happiness - I envy the word for the wonderful meaning it has been allotted.

6 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Amnn.......//1! said...

i like ,

s3ayA said...

u nicely wrote the bad truth... nice

Sameera said...

I don't know about the general public.. can't speak for everyone but I loved those poems and little mixed things you wrote..I don't like too much I have been keeping away from your blog lately.


Shreya said...

Sameeraaaaa! you have no idea what your comment did to me!!! it made me smile :)

Like i know i need to come back with nice little happy things, but as of now, it aint happening :( But, i guess i have to be 'a woman on a mission' :P

thanks a ton for that one :)

soin said...

when some guy sees a depressed girl blog,presumes a just over break up and sees oppurtunity and follows the

Kellie said...

I definitely know what you mean!
I always get way more blog comments on my sad posts than the happy ones. It makes you wonder!