Saturday, December 19, 2009

My kid(s) !!!

^ that boy, Shabir, is the one i adopted and survived/hung out with for a whole day ^_^ He is JUST LIKE ME: sooooooo (fucking) indifferent, i wanted to scream :/ but well, think i did crack the nut a beeeet by the end of today!! He's sweet, cause he bees just like me :P Oh and he chose my cute guy of all people when he wanted to go to the loo and i couldn't accompany him inside giving me a chance (pe dance) to say thank you, you know, all smiling smiling !!!! He's my hero!!
And that girl, Soni, I was her guardian of sorts cause she wouldn't get along well with her real 'parent'. She's this cutie pie who would ask for permission everytime she'd even inhale air :P Love. Cute.
And THAT drawing/doodle is what I made for Shabby baby in one of our workshops on career counceling!! Technically he was supposed to do it, but well he was a bit mixed up about Superman and Spiderman and I could keep myself away from drawing something silly and I had already drawn the 'princess' for Soni suggesting that that be her career :P (??!?!)
I am going to have a ball with my baby Shabby tomorrow!!! Or so i hope :)

Wondering, Me, Shabir and Cute guy would make such a happy family, tiny silent sweet indifferent people :P
I am an awesome parent. I think so. I bugged my kid until he finally gave up and poke to me :P

7 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Ramit said...

Awww, you're sweet. God bless you. You're doing a good deed.

Vagabond said...

it is a great thing really =)

► Dipti said...

this is fun and damn sweet :)

uglyduckling91 said...


Sameera said...

Your kids are cute!!!

btw.. you are TAGGED!Visit my blog for details.

oRange* said...

awhiee, cuteness :)

even we had a camp in our college wherein we had to teach kids. such things are fun ya! leaves u happy and satisfied by the end of the day!

great going! continue the good work

*Shreya* said...

people, you all must do some stuff of this sort!! its liberating :)

but yeah, apparently my kid dint really get along thaaaaaaaaat well with me :'(

his best friend did :P