Thursday, December 17, 2009


Its a do-it-all week.

1:Photography club submission.
2:Got back at the NGO and my kids still love(and remember) me(surprisingly) and I love them. Okay, going there more often is THE agenda on my list. My 15 monkeys they are!!
3:I'm participating in Fine Arts events at Kshitij with my sweetheart of 3 years, Buna!! And we'r burning the place down, i must say!! We made such sexxxy stuff i wanted to cry!! lets hope we'll win cause well the cash is hot stuff :D
4:Another fine arts event coming up and got no Buna this time :'( but i'll manage. Maybe i'll wink at the judge or something :/
5: The weekend is going to be a blissful headache :| I got the adoption camp at college and I have a feeling the kid I adopt is going to kill me during the 2 days of adoption :S But whatevaaah!! i frigging wait for the camp to start, and so bwwwaaahhhahah it is here!!!

oh i got my FIRST paycheck!!! and i am going to save it up and save some more till the sales starts!!!! You call me whatever! I love sales ^_^

And my hotsexxxyfunnymadawesomeamazingfaltoofukat friend is dating someone and I love the bag Buna gave me!! Gosh I am one happy loon!! Looove!

11 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

Pree-yea said...

Loads of luck for Kshitij..!

The Juggernaut said...

m going for the spring fest(kgp) too

=) music,headbanging and be fcuking high !

Ramit said...

Yay! I'm excited because you're excited! :D That's all!

► Dipti said...

all the bestttt for the photography thing

sulagna said...

all the berry berry best to u n buna..go kick some ass and get all the cash!!

aiyoo it rhymed :)

Scribblers Inc said...

Quite a Teresa you are!! Dayum nice! All the luck for those competitions!!

Scribblers Inc.

Sorcerer said...

LIfe.. eNgaged..

Anonymous said...

winking is a good idea, let's just hope the judge don't faint, lol ! :D

Lavender said...

First paycheque?! yay! where do u work?
Btw you SHOULD wait for the sale.
The pleasure of buying things at half the price :D

buckingfastard said...

phew gal...lotsa work!!!

by kshitij did u meant IIT KGP wala huh??? or m i jst gettin confused

*Shreya* said...

@everybody who said something nice, thank you sooooooooooooo much :)

@lavender...did some content writing stuff!!! why? you got a better job for me? :P

@bucking fasturd...hey think you'r mixing it up with Mood Indigo i guess...MoodI is for IIT...and i guess am gonna go for that one too :D