Thursday, December 24, 2009


May be beings from outer space will accept us better...

The theme is 'conflict'. And I plan to give in this thing I painted. Trying to come up with a better interpretation! Will submit it if you guys think its good enough :)

4 cows believe I'm awesome. Do you?:

patheticpari said...

too much violet... i don't know.. maybe you did want it to be that way because you just like purple (i do... )... but... it looks like there's just too much violet........ otherwise.. it's totally rad.. .i really like those line thingies you've made around the people.. what'd you use for that??

patheticpari said...

oh.. one more thing.. and i noticed this because i often do the same fuck up.. those flower-ish things on the planet-like thing at the bottom?? like... they seem pretty repetitive.. as in.. for someone who's seen your other pictures (okay.. i've only seen 2.. but.. still... ).... of course.. i make the same mistake with these wavy things i just can't stop myself from making when i let my hand flow randomly.. but.. just try taking care of that..

*Shreya* said...

yea the violet looks kinda bright, but then again i really wish i could show you the actual picture cause then again the orange, the red and everything else blends in well, or so i think :)
Those thingies around those people, well did them with the normal pencil and then re-did them with this weird dark black pencil i got...had to make it dark enough to be seen!!
And the flowery thing, actually dint know how else could i keep it cause well i always connect floral designs to homosexuality somehow :/ and plus when i cant think a lot, i just let my hand do the drawing kinds you know :D will take care next time!

Thanks a ton pari :)

Lackadaisical Lullaby said...

I thought it's gay pride.
Could be used for that!